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postman44 | 15:46 Mon 27th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
10 Answers

19. I hear they're conserving a way of finding gold (2)

28. There's chromium in the mine

34. A string of flags splits and loses and end(2)

46.does a male's  rear end adhere to it ?!(2)

50. Can kite twist into the container (2)

thank you 




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28 Mincer       Mine and Cr

19. jam pan ???

34. bun tin

50 Cake tin

??? Rump steak

46( thinking about a male chicken) .....cocktail stick

 ^^^^  That sounds better, Mally 😊

well done mallyh!

thankyou x

Good one, mally. I was thinking of something stick but I couldn't get the "something".

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