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The K M Links Game - May 2024 Week 3 Results

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seekeerz | 03:28 Mon 20th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - very happy to report that overnight we actually had some rain 🤪🥳 - the sky hasn't forgotten how to do it, though there's no more predicted and who knows how long we'll wait before the next !!
Now for the matches ...

Guest Beer ( that I had to look up )

Red Cabbage

Night Stand ( which we didn't get )

Pitch Black

Bonus points for WICKEDTONGUE for knowing about Guest Beer 🍻 and three points also to lysander and a sprinkling of single points, but nothing like the bumper lot last week.....

The Leaderboard 

7 points - Candice Marie 

6 points - anikomo, jollyroger66, and scorpiojo.

4 points - brizzer, Mrs Glarus, seekeerz, teacher1 and wickedtongue.

3 points - Chiefpanda, cliffyg, Doof45, kettledrum, lysander, Magyar, Sam1960, and wildfish. 

2 points - 11 players 

1 point - 16 players 

Congratulations 🥳 to all the points scorers this week - next week is the final and hopefully a nice tidy round up for everyone.

Till then, take care and stay safe - Cheers Steff 😘😘



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I've just had to google 'night stand'. 

The only times that I can recall encountering those two words together, they've always been preceded by the word 'one' 😊

Question Author

Get where you're coming from !! 🙀

You naughty girl😉

An odd lot of answers this week 😊 Am not sure but think I am still sweeping up crumbs 🤖

Just to say I notice you follow the osprey posts which seem to have disappeared from "twitching" category - I just have to put "ospreys Loch of the Lowes" in the search panel to see the original post, etc. 🦅 x


Question Author

Thanks hazlinny, I like to pop in for a look, just see how things are going - I remember the heady days of Lady and her Laird 🦅

Nada... but already escaped so simply...

Well done all the point scorers.

Thank you SeekeerzXx

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The K M Links Game - May 2024 Week 3 Results

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