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The K M Links Game - May 2024 Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 02:16 Mon 13th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - the sunshine continues unabated ....well more or less, there's been some clouds but nothing else I know where quite a lot has gone, but this is getting ridiculous !!
Ok, well there has been an avalanche, and very welcome it's been ....

Trade Union

Wild Cat

Tunnel Vision

Spark Plug

No Bonus points, we found the lot, but the stampede from the Club Rooms was .....words fail me !!
we'll go straight to the Leaderboard and you'll see -

6 points - anikomo, Candice Marie, jollyroger66 and scorpiojo.

3 points - and in no particular order -

Chiefpanda, Doof45, Muzz, teacher1, wildfish, Sam1960, seekeerz, Mrs Glarus, cliffyg, brizzer, Magyar and kettledrum.

2 points - cashier, haras2, abi77, Lady Jo, toaster and weecalf.

1 point - 17 players

Congratulations to all the points scorers this week...Wow !! Feels like the old days !!

Hope it continues next week, till then take care and stay safe Cheers Steff 😘😘




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Steff, I see I have 3 points but I only had "spark plug" out of that lot, and I'm sure I had nul points last week.


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Ok Muzz, I will amend forthwith ....I was all overcome and unnecessary with all those points 😳🤪

I waited patiently for the stampede to pass before leaving with a cylindrical shaped object bulging from my jacket.🤔

Well done all the point scorers

Thank you SeekeerzXx 

Three points, not bad considering I missed week 1

Chuffed to bits with my three points  : ))

Thanks as always seekz for all you do. It is much appreciated  x

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The K M Links Game - May 2024 Week 2 Results

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