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Magical Musicals

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pinknelly | 22:25 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good evening could anyone help me with the last two to finish this quiz 26/6/24 musicals please

24, Cornish sailors out side the law (7.2.8)

81, totally unrestrained (8.4)

thankyou all in advance 




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24 pirates of penzance

24 Pirates of Penzance 

81 Anything goes 

81 anything goes

Question Author

Lovely thankyou 

Question Author

I just found another missed if anyone can help 

52, crossing broadway (4,6) thankyou 

Question Author

Just found another I had missed if anyone can help 52, crossing broadway (4,6)

42nd Street

52 42nd street

Has anyone sorted out answers for 45. The sesame man (7) and 50. Nag your feet (5) ?

50 ?Stomp

Did the setter not reply?

there's an Aladdin musical for 45

no, forget that, Open Sesame is Ali Baba and there's not really a musical about him

The setter has replied saying that there is nothing wrong with the questions.   My thoughts too jno about Aladdin/Al Baba !

Thank you 

Could someone please send an address where to get a copy of this quiz? Thank you.

CLC-2024-Quiz-Sheet-Questions-WEB.pdf (

Sorry about that .... don't know what happened there ...... go to Clacton-on-Sea Lions ......

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Magical Musicals

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