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Christmas Quiz 2023. Phrases Or Sayingsa

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Harrowden | 11:18 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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A D is F.     Please can anyone help with these letters. Thankyou



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Clue: An expensive girl's friend.

A Diamond is forever.

Harrowden - Have you got No.5  C C U please.


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Many thanks for diamante answer.   No I have not solved CCU other than a   Childrens Care Unit  or Cardiac Care Unit  / 

You're welcome. It may not be right but that's what i've put. This C C U one is a teaser.

Anyone help with BCBC.   AB as B

AB   As bold as brass

Beggars cannot be choosers

Can anyone help me please with

7  I C of E  

22  T L S

7 In Case of Emergency

22 The Last Supper?

Thanks both x

No. 22.

elliemay1. I agree with the first two words of your answer but for the third one I  think about what broke the camel's back. I may be wrong.

Can't Come Undone ? ? ? ? 

Conscription Call Up ? ? ? ? ?

Clever Cornishboy! TLS.  I think you've got it!

as for CCU.......I'm still puzzling..... lots of good suggestions but.....I'm not sure.

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Christmas Quiz 2023. Phrases Or Sayingsa

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