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Wordle Today, Thursday

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WSpa | 08:50 Thu 01st Jun 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
11 Answers
How did you do today? Got it in 5 without much confidence.


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After entering my two usual start up words only had one letter and that was in the wrong place. It was pure luck that I got it in four.
5 too
Wife and I both did it in four. It’s addictive isn’t it ?
5 for me as well.
Does anybody do 'letter boxed' on the same site? It's frustratingly good.
6th - phew
After having just one letter (in the wrong place) after three attempts, I luckily managed it in six.
And phew for me too !! Thought I’d had it :(
Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous. the day before I got Agile in one. Today with only the A after three attempts, it took all six goes to get it.
6th Phew!
I also got AGILE at the second attempt and if I had gone for my alternative starting word a few days ago, i would have got MOUSE at the first attempt. I got it in two.

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Wordle Today, Thursday

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