Local Rag Dingbat

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charlierabbit | 17:01 Fri 17th Jun 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Today's dingbat is

SO (sited in the top left hand corner of the rectangle written in capital letters)
then in the middle is a U shape with a line straight through ( looks like a tulip!) followed by the letters e t (which are in lower case.)

Any answers appreciated, thanks.


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The symbol in it is the Greek letter psi

So psi e t
"High" So , Psi e t = High Society
well done jj. i was looking at the greek symbol mu x
Thanks Mallyh - but I had a big help from Robbie!
it was quite hard to visualise the tulip bit x
Question Author
Thank you all so much for working it out from what was really a "thin" description to say the least! Much appreciated, if late in getting back to you!

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Local Rag Dingbat

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