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Tubbycoates | 09:25 Tue 10th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi all, This is a long shot but here goes.

I've got a software package that creates maths crosswords called XFIGURE. I like doing the complicated ones, like 1 across will be something like 3 down + 7 across / 15 down. None of the clues gives certain numbers, so to solve the puzzles you have to use a fair amount of logic.

Unfortunately, it only works on Windows 7, and I haven't got windows 7 anymore.

So, does anyone know of a package that works on Windows 10, or is there a website that creates these types of puzzles. I've looked on Google and all the sites I've seen only produce easy peasy and small puzzles.

Thanks all in advance.


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Xfigure Windows 7

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