You Tango About This Sweetie!

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satprof | 07:32 Tue 10th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Alphapuzzle cryptic clue for today.


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07:33 Tue 10th May 2022
u tango
Reckon U may have nailed it Em.
could be 1ozzy
Question Author
Well spotted, emmie. Do you like the stuff? I find the big blocks a bit daunting but loved the ‘Montelimars’ in Black Magic chocolates as a kid.

Locating ‘nougat’ is not especially easy, but my guess is that A=12. We’ll see if that works.

i did love montelimars years ago, too sweet for my taste now.
nougat, 25,3,10,5,12,11, w-20, j-14.
My favourite sweetie - NOUGAT .

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You Tango About This Sweetie!

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