Pact Animal Sanctury C/D12Th June

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smurf | 09:16 Thu 22nd Apr 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
15 Answers
Diploids with a animal in answer
107, 6 t on a pc
112, I hos
Cryptic creatures
33 A fish to stand on (5)
45 he operates with a cuppa(8)
47 these husks are 2.54cm long (9)
Thanks for any help


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33 Perch
47 Inchworms?
45 Sturgeon
45 sturgeon
112 One horse open sleigh?
47 chaffinch
107 answered by emmie as ...6 toes on a polydactyl cat
thank you mally, thats kind
Can anyone help please with
27 which pet can wink but cannot blink
30 a walking fish capable of generating its own organ and limbs
58 C by S A (5 7 )song and artist
Thanks for any help
27 hamster
30 starfish
Thank you chelle7272
You're welcome
58. Charity by Skunk Anansie?
Thank you IrishLass50

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Pact Animal Sanctury C/D12Th June

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