Boys Names Quoiz C/D 24/5

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saintstim | 11:43 Tue 20th Apr 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Q11 A???? A?????? Answer will include somewhere a boys name alphabetically between Antony and Barry
Also does anyone doing this one think Q88 answer is not in alphabetical order?
Thanks for any help


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what is the clue for q11?
Question Author
aelmpvw There isn't one as such. You have to fill in the gaps to make a name or phrase. Could be anything, song, name, book title place etc etc Somewhere in the answer will be a boys name as earlier described.
Is it definitely 5 letters for the first word, if 6
Austin Allegro
Question Author
jj109 It's A followed by 5 letters for the first word and A followed by six for the second. Yes I wondered if it could be that thanks
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Sorry I didn't realise I had missed a space on the first word.
archy alleyne?
I tried giving a full name on a thread last night,but was informed.

// it says they do not intentionally include any surnames and none of the answers are just a name.//

I'd go with jj's answer.
Q11 Austin Allegro

Q88 Answer is in alphabetical order.
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Thanks everyone. my answer for 88 must be wrong then.
I have Mad Max for No. 88, if any help.
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So have I but I've got Mathew in 89 so not alphabetical.
I have Michael for No. 89.
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Oh of course! Thanks irishlass.

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Boys Names Quoiz C/D 24/5

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