The K M Links Game - March 2021 Week 1 Results

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seekeerz | 02:37 Mon 08th Mar 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - going to be a lovely sunny day here for our long weekend ....I need to get outside and tidy some of my weeds ....why do they grow so much better than anything you fuss over and then they turn their toes up ??

Right now, for the links we have ...

Ground Cover
Screen Shot
Flight Deck
Book Case

To my delight all the matches were found and Bonus Points handed out as well .....ELLIEMAY1 for Screen Shot and SHAZZA H for Ground Cover...while ARKSIDED contented himself with finding two correct matches ....good start to the month, guys !!

So our baby LEADER BOARD looks like this....

5 points - elliemay1

3 points - Arksided & Shazza H

1 point - 21 players

Congratulations to all the lucky points scorers this week, better luck next time to everyone else, fingers crossed for a cascade next weekend, when I'll see you all again, till then, take care and stay safe, Cheers, Steff


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Yeah no-one messes with the Arkside... off to a flyer.

Sorry losers mey.. ;-)

Thank you Seekeerz Xx
Why, oh why, do I bother?

erm.. coz ur an animal,, just guessing. ;-)
Wow! Thanks Steff, can't believe it!
oh dear - nowt this week
So is it 2 points if no one else gets the same answer and then 3 for two correct? I had Screen shot and Bookcase
Yes that's correct elliemay 3 points for two matches and bonus 2 points for a unique correct pairing.

Well done I've never had a unique pairing there's always some Womble that guesses the same as me.
I've never had one before either Arksided. I remember once someone guessed the same as me in the latter stages
Hi Steff, Joolz had two right, Screen shot and book case - isn't that 2 or 3 points?
Question Author
Oh dear sorry Joolz - I missed your Screen Shot but I’m not going to take points away, I’ll award extra bonus points cos I’m an idiot so 3 points for 2 correct plus 2 for the bonus equals 5 - all will be sorted next week- I think I’m getting too old for this :(

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The K M Links Game - March 2021 Week 1 Results

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