The K M Links Game - March 2021 Week 3 Results

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seekeerz | 02:10 Mon 22nd Mar 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - a lovely sunny day here for the start of another week, we could use some rain but I'm glad we're not getting Sydney's onslaught !! Typical Oz, though, one extreme to another !!

Now for the links -hmmm !!

Quick Silver
Flat Pack
Road Runner
Touch Tone

Scoring started very slowly but right at the end along came KETTLEDRUM, as she has done before, collected the Bonus Points for Touch Tone for a total of three, and TEARINGHAIR collected 3 points for two correct matches...nice going ladies
A very good sprinkling of 17 points made up the rest of the scores, but the Club Rooms have way too many players milling around in there and we're running out of tea bags !! Not good, we may have to send out for supplies/reinforcements/the militia at this rate !!


7 points - Joolz & teacher1

6 points - elliemay1

5 points - Arksided

4 points - Bugsy, petland & toaster

3 points - haras2, hello mummy, kettledrum, Shazza H & tearinghair.

2 points - 9 players

1 point- 20 players

Congratulations to all the points scorers so far - some quick arithmetic will show about a third of our gang is still cuddled up but the fire so some definite measures will have to be taken to oust at least some before the wind up for this month !! Till then, stay safe, Cheers, Steff


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I’m beginning to think the same thing !! Well at least we’re in very good company ( though Link has blotted his copy book - he came up with Road Runner !! )
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nope nil points again
william yes its free you simply join in next weeks offering will be week 4 as this weeks been done.
Nil points for me
Thanks skz. I really wasn't expecting any points with those answers, so it's a nice surprise to get off the mark.
That's my first point for March, and only my second of 2021. It's good to be alive.
1. point unlike me to be keeping pace (just) with the leaders, although a low scoring month indeed. Well done to all the point scorers, I bet it's started to smell in the FF room having being stuck in there many times.

Thank you Seekeerz Xx
Beep beep! ;-)
The thing about Road Runner is there's not even so much as a chicken nugget on him.
Same as last week :-(

(Dont you start, Arky!.)
Ok, point taken. Oh dear!
I'm not playing anymore.. :-)

Beep beep! ;-)
Have you being looking at my weighing scales since lockdown ;-)
Ha ha!
"I speak your weight"
"One person at a time, please" ;-)
A Classic line from our dear departed CupidXx :-)

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The K M Links Game - March 2021 Week 3 Results

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