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Donnart | 11:45 Tue 02nd Feb 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Delighted to say the quiz raised £287 for Coldstream SWI. I had 208 returned with 188 all correct. Winners were A Towler, Wisbech and S Brown, Perth. Thank you for your continued support.

1 It’s criminal that atheistic Hagar is permitted to write (6,8) Agatha Christie
2 When not in opera Iolanthe bags some tennis balls (6,6) Althea Gibson
3 Travelling to Laramie Aretha flew there (6,7) Amelia Earhart
4 Politically speaking make allergen ingredients clear in Germany (6,6) Angela Merkel
5 The abbot, Inez and Ruth all went to Pakistan to meet her (7,6) Benazir Bhutto
6 To begin, liken jail to chasing around a court – one in the centre perhaps (6-4,4) Billie-Jean King
7 The eighth carer, Anette, sorted out the Empress (9,3,5) Catherine the Great
8 As Elizabeth Taylor is a pale actor she has played her (9) Cleopatra
9 Dancer watches footmen gyrate. Damn! But they are awkward (4,6,7) Dame Margot Fonteyn
10 Tell a lie, Mel named Abel her favourite opera singer (4,6,5) Dame Nellie Melba
11 Stupidly, had Clive halted the firing squad she would’ve been saved (5,6) Edith Cavell
12 Hey! Abel, Fritz – come over here and take part in prison reforms (9,3) Elizabeth Fry
13 Reconstitute a semi-permanent hulk and you’ll be able to vote (8,9) Emmeline Pankhurst
14 With a tub of margarine the old farmer encounters Charlie’s protector (5,9) Flora Macdonald
15 One of Dougal’s friends sings like a bird while caring for the wounded (8,11) Florence Nightingale
16 Using a fork, Dahlia paints many self-portraits (5,5) Frida Kahlo
17 Let off the leash Hermann is a first in space (5,7) Helen Sharman
18 You might find Dad hiring Ian to assassinate her (6,6) Indira Ghandi
19 Olga and Joel get together to spend time with primates (4,7) Jane Goodall
20 Unearth hip banker and discover a star of stage and screen (9,7) Katharine Hepburn
21 Upset, Adam amused Stu on visit to the waxworks (6,7) Madame Tussaud
22 The number of empties soar when she advocates precautions (5,6) Marie Stopes
23 Perform a ceremony of squats before her head is chopped off (4,5,2,5) Mary Queen of Scots
24 Amy yells her loudest and creates a classic Gothic novel (4,7) Mary Shelley
25 Ham and raita mixed together make an exotic Dutch dish (4,4) Mata Hari
26 Such a cook can make men sorbet or other ices (3,6) Mrs Beeton
27 Broadcast when airy prof appears in TV chat show (5,7) Oprah Winfrey
28 Takes a wicket by mixing with holy Chilean feather (7,6-5) Rachael Heyhoe-Flint
29 Find Anton mothering spy with speedy wheels (5,4-8) Tanni Grey-Thompson
30 Alvin overtakes Ethan to make it into space first (9,10) Valentina Tereshkova


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Well done. I really enjoyed doing this quiz.

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Answers To Coldstream Swi Notable Women Quiz

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