Save The Children Fund - Wisbech C/D 20 January 2021 & Macmillan C/D 31 January 2021

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Tuvok | 14:09 Mon 11th Jan 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hoping to post off a few quizzes today, but as usual stuck on some

Save the Children - answers are to do with Winter

6 Not made of meat 5,4
58 Pastry snack 7,4
90 Has shell of two halves 6

Macmillan - answers are dances or to do with dancing

3 Don't ask me to partner you 1,4,5 - is there such a thing as A Solo Waltz?
4 Drink and leave 5 - I've got Tango but not sure about it
6 Native American ball! 3,5 - could it be War Dance


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A solo waltz is a dance move, as here:
6 Mince Pies
3 I won't Dance
Question Author
JJ109 - I knew I knew the answer just couldn't think of it, and would you believe I had mincemeat pies as a possible answer (too many letters) for 58!!!!!!!

Buenchico - thanks.

Mamya - thats a good answer as well - but I think Buenchicos fits the theme better.
90 walnut?
58 sausage roll?
Question Author
Good answers mallyh

Thats Save the Children done.

Do you agree with my answers for the other 2 dance ones?
3 I won't dance?
Must scroll..
Yes, the old Sinatra song.
More likely that than Genesis I Ca'nt Dance
Solo waltz would be good if it was just 4,5 but not A solo waltz as the A aint needed
90 - walnut??
Question Author
Thanks all.

I'm going with A Solo Dance as the letter count is 1 4 5 and it fits the theme better.

Now if only it would stop raining I could nip out to the Post Office!!!!
Another vote for 'I Won't Dance' here.
I also have I won't dance.
We'll only know when we get our answers.

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Save The Children Fund - Wisbech C/D 20 January 2021 & Macmillan C/D 31 January 2021

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