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saintstim | 12:29 Thu 26th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Could anyone help me with clues for these. Answers will be numbers
71 If I were to give you the finger in ancient egyptian times ,what number am I showing you? ( Have looked at loads of egyptian hand symbol charts but cannot find one that matches)
80 How many sherbets are in this rum based drink?
84 If I have 15 footballs on the ground and I pick up 7, how many pentagons am I holding?
Thanks for any help.


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71 google egyptian mathematics numbers, it's there
If my memory of making 3d calanders is right there are 12 pentagons in a sphere so that would give you 12 x 7 = 84, unless there's a sneaky trick in there!
84 Standard football is made of 20 hexagonal and 12 pentagonal panels.
80 the only thing i can find is 15
15 men on a dead mans chest.....
deadmans chest is a cocktail
but i can't work the sherbet bit out
Question Author
thank you. I'm still stuck on 80. Seems very vague.
80 Took me a while to get this one - hopefully I got the right answer! The one I found had sherbert in its title.
Question 84 The wording on the question sheet does not mention ‘on the ground’ it just says If I have 15 footballs, and I pick up 7, how many pentagons am I holding? I hope as Zebo wonders that this is not a trick question but how do you know if they are holding 15 and pick up 7 more giving 22 or they are just holding 7 of the original 15? Any ideas please.
Enigma, for no 84 my question sheet says:
“If I have 15 footballs on the ground, and I pick up 7, how many pentagons am I holding?”

At 12 pentagons per ball then I assume the answer would be 84 - the same as the question number.
So the figure of 15 is a red herring???
That is most odd. You can still download the quiz and it does not say on the ground I presume you didn't get yours from the site but that makes a big difference and how are we supposed to know some people have a different wording
Hi there,
Sorry for the confusion with Q84. I did change the wording slightly after sending out lots of quizzes. I did ask the person in charge of the SGS website to update the quiz link, I thought he had done that. I of course will accept either answer as correct, as it is my fault for not making the question clearer.
Kind regards, and stay safe.

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