Rotary Club Of Uttoxeter Famous People Quiz - Closing Date 23 Jan

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granny grump | 22:05 Wed 15th Jan 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Struggling with the last of these questions - answers are celebrities from past and present please can you help? No number of letter given


17. Place to exercise if not narrow and straight (Jim someone)
19. A blemish initially on a Customer Account Record under a woman’s birth name
21. Porter asks this girl to kiss me for a loser’s medal and a heavy weight
23. Slang for a signature links to a type of savoury - Ecstasy
25. South eastern fortified place has an animal doctor – does he kiss and reveal (Someone Tell?)
31. Pip is short with chief sold in a mix-up for this presenter (Phillip someone?)
42. Jar of letters mixed up with bow man (Someone Archer?)
43. One of four evangelists dispatched a 4 digit bank nuber
48. Disgraced Liberal leader has a special breakfast in front of where the bride works (Jeremy someone)
53 BFG’s friend is at New York’s island then onto an Old Swiss salt mine trip
60. Lob up a gap – he’s a confused footballer

Apologies for the number of questions


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60 anagram of first 4 words
17 Jim opposite of narrow = B???? + B???? = opposite of straight
31 anag of 2 of the words in clue
25- racing driver
48 Soecial ? breakfast cereal..where the bride walks??
23 Bill enjoyed her company
I've answered 43 on here
for 25 think of the term for an animal doctor. Then build the answer around that
42 anagram first 2 words
53 BFG's female friend - her mum presented Blue Peter
19 has been answered as well
21 Cole Porter song + second place medal+heavy weight ??
60. PP 4,5
Question Author
Thank you all for your help I'd like to give you all best answer

fiction-factory I can see what the answer is for
23 Bill enjoyed her company
But I can't see how the surname fits the clue Thank you
GG, you're looking for a Masterchef savoury crepe and and what sounds like E
..and add E (though not an e..)
Question Author
Thank you jo I've never heard of that crepe. No wonder and I couldn't get Lewinsky to fit :-))

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Rotary Club Of Uttoxeter Famous People Quiz - Closing Date 23 Jan

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