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Dingbat Staggered Alfresco Like Al Fr Es Co

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Jando79 | 20:27 Thu 12th Sep 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
11 Answers
Dingbat staggered alfresco like


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Down and out ?
Up in the air?
Outside elements ??
jj - if this is the same as my paper, the alfresco forms 4 steps each of two letters going down at 45 degrees from the left.
Pretty sure that mamya is right.
Thanks, Dave!
I did guess that was what was meant by staggered but I do like your answer JJ - clever.
step outside?
I think Mally's answer is the one they want but Mamyalynne's is good too and I agree that JJ109's answer is very good- although I had to check whether Es was an element but indeed it is (Einsteinium). Shame it doesn't explain the steps
I don't think there is an expression "step outside into the elements" unfortunately.
The answer was given tonight in my paper, Step Outside.
As mallyh posted.
Question Author
It was Step Outside.

Thanks all :)

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Dingbat Staggered Alfresco Like Al Fr Es Co

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