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Mexican18 | 15:38 Sat 06th May 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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3 men eat at a cafe and ask for the bill.The waitertells them £30.They pay and leave. The owner of the cafe tells the waiter he has overcharged them and to follow and give them £5 back The waiter, annoyed by the lack of a tip,steals £2 and gives the men £3. This means that each man paid £9 which is £27 plus the £2 the waiter stole is £29 .Where is the missing £1?


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The 3 men all go for lunch with a tenner in their pockets and went home with a pound! How can they have paid £9.33?
That should be £8.33. Doesn't quite work in decimal but if you add what each paid together with the tip and the change it comes to £30, give or take 1p.
The £2 that the waiter stole is part of the £9 each paid: you can't logically add those together and expect it to make sense.
The £30 is spead out like this

Restaurant:- £25

Waitor:- £2

Customers:- £3

so 25 + 2 + 3 = £30 so the pound is still there
£3 x 9 = £27
Plus £3 returned = original £30
No confusion.
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The question did what I wanted it to do! Thank you,everybody.
Which was to get answered ?!?

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