The Km Links Game - August Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 02:18 Mon 15th Aug 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - well it has the makings of a nice one, today ...the sun's shining but it's Mad Monday inside, so things might be a bit jumbled !!

And so far as the links are concerned ...well they finished up being a bit muddled also .... most of our clever guesses didn't show up at all !!

Spanish Omelette
Stock Dove ...... say what ??? guess how many takers that had !!
Alpha Rhythm
Arch Angel

And the STAR TURN came from JRB who managed two correct for 3 points ,,,the rest of us were really struggling ...either one point or zip !!

At least there's two more weeks in which to redeem ourselves and get a decent score onto the spreadsheets, so I'll see you all back here next Saturday for a very determined effort...till then, stay safe skz

A short Leader Board ...where not much happened ...

7 points - dannyk13

3 points - 8 players

2 points - 9 players

1 point - 30 players

Congratulations to all the points scorers, of which I was not one, but we'll take up the cudgels in earnest next time shall I tell Kate or will you ??
Cheers. Steff


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Seeky, no complaints it as just an observation :-)
I had 3 points last week and got one (alpha rhythm) this week so surely I should now have 4 points!
Question Author
I know ....:-))
Question Author
Sorry Ellie, the comment was aimed at Danny ....but I'll look at the results again I think you're right as I remember your scoring this morning
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Yes sorry should be there with four points, my apologies, will be sorted by next weeks Board
Thanks seekerz, that's great.
(Thought I'd have been the only one to guess Alpha Rhythm!!)
Question Author
I was surprised that anyone picked it, but there were two of you ...
yes, just checked and Kettledrum came in at the last minute with it!
Kate must have a very strange sense of humour, and yes I bite every week, stock dove indeed. Thanks skrz
No points for me this week. I won't give up though, I enjoy trying !

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The Km Links Game - August Week 2 Results

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