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maldijones6 | 22:42 Thu 26th Sep 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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hi im stuck on last 2 no 16 aquatic plant with sword like leaves

no 46 thirsty native arbor

thanks in advance for any help


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sorry forgot to put how many letters. 16, aquatic plant with sword-like leaves 5 - 7

46, thirsty native arbor. 6 letters
1. Water Soldier
Crikey you are keen, we have until January.
Question Author
thank you frugal nice of you to answer ,
Question Author
Think everyone is having trouble with this one lol,

one last one to go. 46, thirsty native arbor 6 letters. thought of willow but no water in answer help.
I agree Mamya, my copy only arrived today!
Question Author
I have had mine for over a month.
And you've still got more than 3 months to work them out, haven't you?
He may want to get it over and done with!
Question Author
hi I was rebuked for asking this too early but does it matter I have water soldier for no 16, and willow for 46 but not sure if that's correct hope this helps good luck with the quiz
Where. Where you rebuked about?
could it be banyan ........a tree also a boozy party in the royal navy
Can I just ask why so many people r complaining and moaning about people doing the quiz early!!!!!!!! Does it affect u in any way,shape or form!?!?! If u ask a question u get jumped on. It's not our fault u have only just received yours,I've had mine AGES. If u don't like it,don't comment it's simple really!!!
My guess is Willow, don't know if it's correct or not...........
crzy-grl - i thnk yr keybrd is knckrd!
no 16 water milfoil

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Water Related Lions Quiz

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