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MM Links September 2011 Week 2

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Manxiemo | 08:45 Sat 10th Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is Manx Queenie, offering a second bite of the same cherry!

Returning to the subject of the Isle of Man and its TT races, it is amazing that the whole island is drastically changed during the race fortnight. Nearly everywhere there is the lingering smell of gasoline, and the sounds of motorbikes revving up and racing can be heard from 6 o’clock in the morning during practice week. Because the races are held on main roads, these are obviously closed to the rest of us and sometimes getting around the Island can be fraught with difficulty, as everyone has to avoid the main, circular, route round the Island and so all the traffic jams up along the side roads.

Along Douglas sea front there is also the difficulty of the horse tram that trots its way up and down the centre of the promenade, adding to the traffic chaos, as this takes priority over all other forms of transport and everything must stop to let the horse through. These horses have learned to count – each knows when it has done its required number of trips and stops automatically outside its stable when its time is up.


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human race
clothes horse
train station
steam iron
Reg's attempt...

Steam BOAT
Close Race
Heavy Horse
Train Station
Steam Iron
boat race

horse opera

gravy train

steam roller
Thanks Queenie and good morning all, I'll try:


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MM Links September 2011 Week 2

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