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MM & KM Link Games September 2011 Week 4

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gen2 | 19:59 Fri 23rd Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The shrubbery is now open for a little R & R berfore the hard work begins tomorrow morning.

In the MM Links game, we are on to the final leg of Manx Queenie's challenges.
At 8:45 am in Q & P, her introduduction will be posted, to be followed at 9 am sharp with the challenge words themselves.

The current leader, OwlLady, is 4 points ahead of the field so it will take quite an effort from someone to oust her - but it is possible. Just make sure you get your guesses in early enough to qualify for bonus points.
Does anyone think they are starting to get tuned in to the setter's wavelength? Five double-hitters last weekend showed that some of you are getting there and this will be your last chance before there is a change of setter and you have to start all over again.

Dont forget our sister game, the KM Links based on Kate Mepham's GK crosswords in the Saturday/Monday Telegraph. That game is run by Seekeerz from Australia and kicks off at 7am. Don't worry about the early start there, the bonus points are not time-sensitive in that game.

Drop into the shrubbery this evening or we'll see you all tomorrow morning.

BYOB, No corkage charge.



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Evening. Hope you are feeling much better gen2.

The silence of the shrubbery is most pleasant, gets one away from teenage angst
I'm not on the wavelength, gen2, I've been rubbish this month....
I've been rubbish since I started this, Mr A has been a tad better but not by much:)
Evening all. Back from lovely Yorkshire and expecting to get no points again tomorrow morning.
Budge up a bit tearinghair, I've brought some comfy cushions for us to sit on :)
I do hope you have made a full recovery gen2. I was delighted with my 2 hits last week and will do my best tomorrow. The shrubbery is very peaceful indeed!
Thanks alba. I brought some goodies back from Betty's in York, but unfortunately they've all been eaten.
Whoops, I hope that doesn't count as advertising, it wasn't meant to be. Grovel, grovel, moderators.....
Good evening all.....I thought that I was in the Shrubbery, but I ended up in someone else's garden!
That's an interesting avatar, Euphemia. Where is it?
It's the marina in Antibes.
I've pickled onions crisps and a bottle of cider. Bring a glass folks.

Betty's must have been tasty if theyve all gone!!
Question Author
Yes thank you Alba, I'm fully recovered now but still taking it easy.
Good evening all in the shrubbery, I will be posting tomorrow but I am then going on holiday so if, by some quirk of fate I win, I will not be available to be able to post for next month, and as I have set the links before I would like to say good luck to everyone
Good evening everyone.
So far this month I have scored no points at all on MM Links. In fact I only got one last month.
I seem to have lost my powers of mental communications with the setters.
I think you are going to win anyway seem to be able to read the Manx Queens mind
Good luck to the rest of you, hopefully I will return to scoring next month !!!
Very quiet tonight.
Has that satellite landed in the shrubbery ?
Question Author
Oh dear OwlLady, That is some spanner you have thrown in the works!
Question Author
x-ray, I think it is quiet partly because Paulineward is out gallivanting (aka boozing) with Christiana and ManxieMo. I think she hopes to extract some hints for tomorrow's game but I'll be watching closely for any suspicious matches.
I hope you're not casting nasturtiums, Gen2. Here we are home , safe and sound, having won the quiz and carried all before us (or some such) so be warned, Pauline is on top form for tomorrow, and, no, she has not extracted any information from Manxiemo
@Christiana...didn't Pauline's thumbscrews work then?

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MM & KM Link Games September 2011 Week 4

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