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MM Links Game Results September Week 1

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gen2 | 19:01 Sun 04th Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers
I suppose you are all waiting for the results of this and as the appointed hour has now arrived, I can reveal what 'Manx Queenie' chose for her first challenge.

Three FOLD

This posting is coming to you via a dongle dangling from an attic Velux window on the third floor of a converted oast house (hop kiln) on the Worcester/Shropshire border.
The signal strength is borderline for internet access so the following parts of this post may be delayed while I re-establish a connection.
Also, I have prepared this without seeing any posts since 5:30pm today so late entries since then will not appear on the scoreboard, but will be incorporated into the monthly scores before next weekend.

Just 9:02 and Patchett collected the first 2 points for STARTER MOTOR, a combination that found no further favours all weekend.

Two players later and Owllady tried THREEFOLD for her 2 points. This was later chosen for single points by BigMac, Elspeth & Mr Ont-Ice

We had to wait a further 20 mins before Jobjockey realised that the Isle of Man needed a RAT CATCHER (2 points). Euphemia, Boxtops & Ulysses100 earned a single fo having the same idea.

Mid afternoon on Saturday, the final link was still not found. Along came Mrs Ont-Ice to rescue the situation with her SHIRT TAIL.
I should perhaps mention a warning for players not to rush in without reading the challenge words carefully. That word was asking you to find links for TAIL (not TALE).

I therefore declare that
***** IS MRS ONT_ICE *****
for finding that last elusive link.
Thank you to other players for leaving this one available for our Canadian friends.

In summary then, after the first week of Manx Queenie's reign, just 14 points were scored by 10 players
2 points: jobjockey, Ont-ice (Mrs), owllady & patchett
1 point:- BigMac, boxtops, Elspeth, Euphemia, Ont-ice (Mr) & ulysses100

There were lots of options in this opening round so the points were spread rather thinly.
There were the lucky few and a disappointed majority this week, but look at it this way - 'Things can only get better'. Don't forget to tune in again next Saturday for round 2. Same place - same time.
Happy Linking


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Thank you for my point, gen2!
Well off to a good start with nil points again and no excuses of being distacted with visitors this week either.

Thanks Manx Queenie and Gen......See you all next week.
Well we'll have to do better than that, Shazza & I are just not on your wavelength yet Manx Queenie!!
Nil points for me again also, I think I must be bottom of the class - where's the D cap.
Nix for the Strix
But hey, there's next weekend!
But thank you to Gen2.
I have visions of our quiz-meister (and amazing photographer) hanging perilously out of a skylight clutching his laptop with one hand whilst trying to avoid plummeting to earth and at same time with the other attempting to post the results!
Thank you. Mr Alba and I are squashing into the nil points corner.
Thank you Gen2 for my 2 points.Although we have five Great Grandchildren now, I can still remember my husband saying"I'm telling you it's the starter motor"when our first car went wrong and he was right!!!Memories eh??
Thanks Gen2. Your hop kiln reception hopped straight across the Atlantic.
Thanks also to Manx Queen for helping me guess those two points. I don't know much about Manx cats etc, but do know a lot about shirt tails. :-))
Hope this streak of luck holds again next week.
Oh dear, back to the drawing board again! I can truthfully say that none of those four links even crossed my mind! But thanks anyway, Manxi Queen and gen2, and well done all those who scored (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean!)
Thanks Manx Queenie and Gen2 - but starting as I did last month with an extended stay in the 'free fall' club!

I trust that the oast house conversion is 'sympathetic' although unfortunately too many in Kent, around where I live, are not and in my view they should have remained in the use they were designed for, drying proper British hops to make good bitter ale, instead of our Brussels masters making us use foreign hops for an insipid brew (rant over)!
Oh, whoopee! A whole point....

Can only go downhill from here.

Congrats to the other scorers, esp Mrs Ont Ice.
So pleased with my point just when I needed a bit of cheering up!
Thank you Manx Queenie and Gen2. Free fall this week and away next week, so not a promising start to the month.

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MM Links Game Results September Week 1

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