Mm And Km Links August 2013 Week [4]

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gen2 | 20:19 Fri 23rd Aug 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Question: When is a four-week month really a five-week month?
Answer: Once in a blue moon.

Yes, 'A blue moon' occurs when there are two full moons in the same calendar month and August is just such a month. I have therefore agreed with the setter, 'Baron Brian' (aka beejay1124) that he will set a 5th challenge for you all next weekend. (Please try to keep the groans to a minimum - I can hear them from here!.)

The championship will therefore not be decided on the outcome of tomorrow's game but it may well give someone an unassailable lead. On the other hand it could bring someone from nowhere into a position of strong contention.

Whatever:- Tomorrow morning sees the launch of week 4 (of 5) of the MM Links Game. An introduction will apear in Q&P at 8:45 tomorrow morning followed by the challenge at 9:00 precisely. Early players are more likely to claim bonus points in this version of the game. It closes 7pm Sunday when the results will be posted.

Don't forget our sister game of the KM Links managed by Seekeerz from down under in OZ, At present, I think she is sticking with a 4-week month for August making September 5-weeks for her. No doubt she'll confirm that when she launches it early tomorrow morning in Q&P. That version is based on the Daily Telegraph GK Crosswords (set by Kate Mepham, hence 'KM'). The game starts early on Saturday but play anytime before midnight on Sunday for an equal chance of points.

Anyone can play either game.
New players are always welcome

Until tomorrow then - Happy Linking


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Glad you picked up on that gen2, I missed it completely !! August will be a 'fiver' on KM as well
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You know Strix, I was going to look up a clip of the same song to add to my post but was distracted by a phone call then forgot to go back to it. Must be old-age.

Strix - that clip sure took me back
My first car was a 1957 white Chevy convertible, Cruising around at night,
making out in the drive in - whatever it was very nostalgic.


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Mm And Km Links August 2013 Week [4]

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