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maimai | 09:46 Sun 11th May 2008 | Crosswords
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Just got one left 1. Ac - Bum runs into tree B?E?C?
Is it breech - but can't understand exactly why?

Also, I've got the answer to 1d "PMs 17 book 5 20 3 16" and getting that book is what started me trying the crosswords - but can anybody explain the reference to PM's. Many thanks M


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Balfour was prime minister in the early 1900s

breech = bum

beech = tree, plus r - short for runs.
Beech = tree R (run) into = B REECH = Rear/bum

The PM is Balfour
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Duh - I should have checked your UK PMs can I just blame it on the sun. Thank you both
Hi, can anyone help with 22,5 "Like Helen of Troy, or the pride of London" 4-2-6 - Last word is obv Pretty but just can't figure out the rest......I'm probably going to kick myself but can't work it out.

Many thanks
none so
Thanks Dzug. Why Pride of London though?
Hi Chree ... None-so-pretty is an alternative name for the plant London Pride.
Think it's a flower - noticed it on here on one of the quizzes, flowers one I imagine.
Doing a Derren Brown here - remembering something I thought I saw months ago!
Ah, thanks sarumite.

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