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Ev 1643

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professorplum13 | 14:01 Mon 20th May 2024 | Crosswords
6 Answers

There may be clashes....

17d Medically constructed section having heart repeatedly struggling (8) S?E????A

22d Corroded wiper flipping side to side (6) R????D

rotted? rusted?

24d Previous operations lost interest payments (6) ?????I



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22 Rusted if you swop the 1st and last letters it becomes duster (wiper)

17 Stenotic

24 Usures, I think.

Question Author

Thank you both....i see which answer i must jumble now!


DUSTER with first and last letters swapped

Swarbrules, I think you're making the mistake I sometimes do - not scrolling, missing that answers have already been given!

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Ev 1643

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