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Enigmatic Variations N0 1643- Career

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Matakari | 21:56 Tue 21st May 2024 | Crosswords
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Good evening, looks somewhat challenging, but interesting! Thanks for help with the following!


2 The coming week with new duties to be rearranged ( 9 ): ?????T?D?

16 Basis of bone erosions missing or rotated and realigned ( 6 ) :  ??S???

23 Reproducible program ready with important date put back ( 8 ) : ?RE?????

26 Help outside is very good for Indian trees ( 7 ) : ??????S  ( MANGOES )

33 Hold forth following question, like an empanelled jury ( 7 ) : ??????E


23 Elderly cousin abroad caught German that’s gone ( 5 ) : ??A?C

18 Flower before university on turning 20 (  8 ) : ?I???????



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Matakari, this is a thematic puzzle and there is important information, instructions, in the preamble. Some of it is crucial, so it'd be only fair (and polite too) to give it!

Question Author

My apologies for the oversight, NACW! Here are the crucial instructions accompanying this crossword:

Solvers must highlight three groups each of six contiguous cells, showing all but the final stage of a CAREER, completing it by filling the otherwise empty bottom row, so creating new words from crossing entries. One answer must be entered as a jumbled non-word to reveal a location, and a second needs some letters replacing by a representation. Numbers count cells used by answers. In each of four clues, the wordplay fails to give a consecutive pair of letters in its answer; each pair must be removed from one of four other clues before solving. The four pairs may be ordered to identify the adviser who suggested the CAREER. Chambers Dictionary ( 2016 ) is recommended.

2 current religious feast

16 anagram missing or

23 reproducinble at no cost

26 not mangoes - urgent help outside

18 no i

33 abbrev. for question then to speechify


Question Author

Thanks, quinol, I've got 16, but the others baffle me still. I would appreciate the answers.

whit sissoes quorate (some anyway)

Matakari, at least two of your clues in that batch are affected by info in the preamble - so be vigilant!

PS Have you got 20, seeing as it's mentioned in 18 D?

sorry meant sissoos

16 ossein?

YS, NMA -  but  that was the only one Matakari managed from the hints!

23 freeware

free + w +ERA reversed

You're on a roll now, NMA. I can't remember if you normally tackle this puzzle? A link to it was posted on Sunday...

No I just dip in and out of crosswords, I like simple cryptics with no special instructions. Matakari's always seem reasonably accessible whenever there's no special instructions. It's the RTE ones with which I struggle more. 

2- I can Whitsuntide but assume there's special instructions to lose 2 letters

Thanks, NMA. I am not a fan of the RTE clues, they are sometimes nonsensical!

This EV wasn't particularly difficult, but the various bits and pieces going on made it... slightly time-consuming. I know Matakari isn't a fan of missing or extra letters, so I thought the complicated bits with those would put him off this one!

Yes, NMA, the preamble - which I asked Matakari to include - references things such as that....

Question Author

Thanks, newmodarmy and NACW, answers for  2a, 33a, 19d and 23d to get a further push while I await the Spectator ( hope it's a Doc's offering...).

Matakari, I'm happy to give you those answers - but it's not really 'giving you a further push', it's doing the puzzle for you! 

I  think you must have missed 2 A being given already...

33. Quorate - Qu, question and Orate

19 D?

23 Franc (the preamble should help you parse that one)

Question Author

Thanks, NACW, I meant 18d, there's no 19d.

Thanks, Matakari - yes, I knew there was no 19 D, so your query confused me! 

18 D  Auricular (you didn't say whether you'd got 20, I was curious about that).

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Enigmatic Variations N0 1643- Career

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