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Enigmatic Variations N0 1631: Missing By Eclogu

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Matakari | 11:46 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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After pretty straightforward solves for the ST and Mephisto, the EV is by no means a walkover, though I’ve plunged headlong into some of the clues with missing letters. Help with the following will give me an added boost, thanks in advance!

( Four answers must be modified before entry to reflect an historic event. In 28 other clues there is a letter MISSING in the definition; in clue order, these letters provide a similarly thematic name (2 words) and an object ( 3 words ). Once the grid is filled, solvers must draw a line through 12 contiguous cells to loosely indicate the resting place of a thematic name ( a block of 15 cells, which must be highlighted ). Enumerations and word counts relate to grid entries. Chambers Dictionary  (2016 ) is recommended.)


11a Prising trouble being surrounded by asafoetida ( 7 ) : P?I??U?

31a Elderly Egyptian canon’s reviewing Indian people with money ( 7 ) : ???R????

34a Ray having abated, quiet ensues a bit of a kip( 7, 2 words ) : ?????H?

20d In ban, intending growing calm, but not succeeding at first ( 7 ) : E?UL???

21d They once worked on the lad, unknown one in sulks ( 7 ) : P??A???

22d Old religion’s made off with number around Arizona ( 7 ) : ???DE?N






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11a Hailing (PrAising ie missing letter A)= ail (trouble) (surrounded by) hing (asafoetida)

20d ETTLING =  in Oban (ie a Scottish word and with missing letter O), Ettling (intending) = Settling (growing calm) - S(ucceeding at first)

22 Mazdean

22 Just an anagram, Matakari- Made, Arizona(in brief)+ Number(ditto.

You have wrong letters in 34 and 20.

21 (They once worked on the laNd, ie missing letter N) = PEZANTS (old spelling of peasants) = Pents (sulks) (around) Z (unknown) A (one)

I have NITRIAN for 31a but can't parse

I have At peace for 34a but can't completely parse

Hope that's been enough of a boost, Matakari? This was a very satisfying puzzle to finish, it all came together very well. 

31a = Nair (Indian people) tin (money) reversed which parses half of the clue but I don't have a Chambers for the rest.

JJ, I am out, this is rushed. Tin is money and Nair is Indian people (confirmed yesterday)

JJ, Chambers says 'Nitrian... belonging to Nitriae(Nitriai), a region of ancient Egypt west of the Nile delta....'

Thanks NAC - I knew it had to be correct from the reverse parsing and my crossing letters - but I don't like not being able to prove it! 

Thanks, JJ, I'd checked it yesterday but couldn't remember it accurately today... so waited until I got home.


Matakari, is a puzzle with letters missing in 28 clues ... your bag?!

Question Author

Thanks! The search for missing letters is not really my bag of tea, but I’m making a concerted effort to find them and I’ve got a few. Help with this second batch to help me along, thanks!

4d What may rout mildly in his flying across Ireland ( 5 ) : WI?I?

7d Riverside cat to twist over time ( 7 )  :  ???A??T

8d It’s standard to split up Texan hum ( 7 ) : ???D??R

9d Local channel puts out and cops the lot ( 6, 2 words )  :  ???S??

8d PARDNER (Texan Chum, missing letter C) = par (standard) + dner = rend(split reversed)

Thanks, Matakari - I remember you once asked for all 30+ missing/extra letters in a puzzle, I couldn't cope with that again!

4 D Your W is wrong.

8. Split it into two. The first half of the answer is 'standard' (in golf, say) and the send half is a four letter word for 'split', tear (and that  is reversed, up). The missing letter is from the last word of the clue.

4d Sirih (anagram of his and IR)

7 Spraint - Spraint+T

... sorry, Sprain +T.

7d you will needChambers to confirm SPRAINT has something to do with riverside cat. Sprain (twist) + T(ime). My crossing letters suggest it is correct!

JJ, Matakari has Chambers - I think it's been a great help to him at times.

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Enigmatic Variations N0 1631: Missing By Eclogu

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