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Rte 10

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scooke | 11:47 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
11 Answers

23d ... full of drink.. (6)l?????

29a better than a cigarette, yet awful dope when back to smoke?(4)??o?

26d but this would sound like a beverage for a clown..(4)c?a?

17d look, like a shrinking violet, thats so disdainful(9)?i???r?a?



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26 Coco , sounds like cocoa?

23 bottle??

17 withering?

ePod, vaping device, anag of dope

scooke, could you please come back and confirm if the O in 29a is correct

Oops have just seen ducksie's answer

Hi elliemay, yes, it was correct :)

ducksie, are the others correct as there's no sign of scooke!

they are elliemay, you were correct with coco the clown as screenshot was the answer crossing that not camera shot I seen suggested elsewhere 

Hi, 23d full of drink, answer is loaded.

Thank you Ducksie & Goldie

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Rte 10

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