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Enigmatic Variations N0 1631: Missing By Eclogu

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Matakari | 11:46 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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After pretty straightforward solves for the ST and Mephisto, the EV is by no means a walkover, though I’ve plunged headlong into some of the clues with missing letters. Help with the following will give me an added boost, thanks in advance!

( Four answers must be modified before entry to reflect an historic event. In 28 other clues there is a letter MISSING in the definition; in clue order, these letters provide a similarly thematic name (2 words) and an object ( 3 words ). Once the grid is filled, solvers must draw a line through 12 contiguous cells to loosely indicate the resting place of a thematic name ( a block of 15 cells, which must be highlighted ). Enumerations and word counts relate to grid entries. Chambers Dictionary  (2016 ) is recommended.)


11a Prising trouble being surrounded by asafoetida ( 7 ) : P?I??U?

31a Elderly Egyptian canon’s reviewing Indian people with money ( 7 ) : ???R????

34a Ray having abated, quiet ensues a bit of a kip( 7, 2 words ) : ?????H?

20d In ban, intending growing calm, but not succeeding at first ( 7 ) : E?UL???

21d They once worked on the lad, unknown one in sulks ( 7 ) : P??A???

22d Old religion’s made off with number around Arizona ( 7 ) : ???DE?N






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Question Author

Thanks, I’ve been finding more missing letters, but still have several clues to work out. I did not get a reply for 9d which I worked out to be: USES UP.  And help with this group should get me closer to the end game:

6a   Did ark of old get directions confused? ( 6 )  : ?SP?U?

12a Maine source of jelly one newspaper recalled ( 4 ) : A?S?

14a Describing red plus corrupt Tory tailing vehicle ( 7 ) : C?RR?E?

35a Measure for patent denial of service on time ( 6 ) : ?O?AG?

Thanks, Matakari - I'm sorry we don't give you answers to every single one, maybe some get lost in the lists! Uses Up is incorrect.

6 A. Your U is wrong. The missing letter is M, ' did mark...

12 'Marine source of jelly...' A very common crossword answer (and your S is wrong)

14 Your E is wrong. There's an anagram of Tory and a very common three letter vehicle.

35 Measure for patient... I hope that'll be enough for you to solve the clue.


PS You must be much 'closer to the end game' now?

If you have jotted down the missing letters, some fairly obvious words should be appearing....

Question Author

Good morning, I’m not letting it go yet! This is for my own edification and understanding of Eclogue’s subtleties. A clue to the four answers to be modified and a confirmation of the following, thank you:

6a    Did ark of old get directions confused? ( 6 ) : ?SP?ED  ( Already given the missing M ) ( ESPIED )      
9d    Local channel puts out and cops the lot ( 6, 2 words ) : EATS UP
10d  Do this having been tasted with no alcohol on high ( 5, 2 words )  DRY UP
23d  Poet’s reputed to have consumed food made into Pils ( 7 ) : ?TA?KED
26d  Tory boasted to journalist, having once grown together ( 5 ) : C?NED   ( CANED )

26d a special one!

Coned - real answer = con(crew)ed

Con(Tory)crew(boasted)ed (journalist)= concrewed (grew together)

10d correct

Do this having been tOasted

I have thrown away my answers Matakari - but 1a was another of the 4 to be modified but I can't remember where the other 2 were.

32 A and 28 D needed modified.


23 Stacked (pilEs).

23d definition made into pilEs - missing E

poetic "sed"/reputed around "tack" food

Matakari, I know you have struggled with the clues, but now that you've been given so many (and now have many of the missing letters) are you able to see any part of the thematic stuff? The letters from the Across clues are very, very useful...It'd be great if you got on to that part- I'd be delighted if you managed a bit of an EV!

Question Author

Many thanks, JJ109 and NACW, geniuses at work! Are my 6a and 9d correct?
And a confirmation for my three modified answers:
1a   CORKS
32a NECK

The fourth modified answer?

And I’ll stick to it now to see if I can get a glimpse of the thematic element!

Matakari, I despair - JJ gave you the other modified entry just a short while ago!

'Yes' to all your queries, confirmations....

Question Author

A confession to make now! I’ve got several answers without identifying the missing letters. My mission now is to review these answers to see if I can determine the missing letters…

Matakari, you've been tackling thematic puzzles since 2008 - so I'm sure you'll have come across your fair share of messages.  Your experience should help to fill in the gaps (literally) in some of the words. And the preamble is very helpful - it tell you you are looking for two words (for the thematic name) and three words for an 'object'. It's worth the effort...

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Enigmatic Variations N0 1631: Missing By Eclogu

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