Working With Birds

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jimcarr2009 | 15:22 Sun 28th Nov 2021 | Crosswords
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DT 29,844, 9 ac, affable leader of crew working with birds, f-------, 5d, showy sites of entertainment, p-----s, 21 ac, announce cut in tense film, --u---t, tautest? thank you.. PS. is
alterability a word?


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9 Falconry
Full clue
Regularly affable leader of crew on line, working with birds
21 T Rump ET
5d parades?
5d full clue

Showy sites of entertainment in buildings around America

jimcarr, surely as a cryptic crossword solver you MUST realise that every word forms part of the clue/answer.

Please post full clues in future for those that don't have the paper!!!
I propose that, as from now, Captain2 gets the job of vetting every crossword clue. We are then certain of seeing accurate information.
Don't anybody second bb's proposal - or else!!

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Working With Birds

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