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Matakari | 10:29 Sat 09th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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Good morning, all! Clueless about some of Fieldfare’s
offerings. Help – answers/hints with parsing- would be appreciated
for the following! Thanks in advance!

32 Time to tuck into stew, part of a bender (7) : ?AT????

2 Heads of airline very grateful after securing fuel (5) : ?A?A?
3 Equip an island for luxury brand (6) : ?C?A?I
6 Diver caused mayhem at rear of deck (7, two words) : ??A?U??
7 A match broken off, one Catholic not needing sex (6) : ??A?I?
11 Not happy, relaxed at a foreign place (9) : ?N?L?????
19 Abjectly begged to see small wood and valley back to back (9) : ??O??L?W?
30 Soldier perhaps at French département looking at viewer (7) : ??????T


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32a bender refers to the knee
2d heads of ...first letters of next 5 words
3d the c is wrong brand name is italian
6d anagram of caused + k
19d 5 letter small wood + 4 letter valley reversed ...w is wrong
30d a word from heraldry
11d 5 letter word for relaxed after usual 2 letter foreign word for "a" and 2 letters for place
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Many thanks for the lovely hints, Roslyn! Having a closer look at the rest of the puzzle now.
7. agamic
Question Author
Thanks, blaris for 7(D). Roslyn, am I right to suggest for
11 (D) 5-letter word for relaxed "eased" + "un" +"pl"?
19 (D) "copse" +"vale"?
30 (D ) GARDANT?
19 - n both words are wrong
Abjectly begged is past tense, therefore is likely to end in ED
Therefore the valley is likely to start with DE

Tony Grieg (England Cricket captain) said he would make the West Indies do this!
11d yes
30d correct
Question Author
Thanks, jj109, I had the wrong vocabulary for the two word in
in19 (D).

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