Spectator 2488 Saturday January 9Th 2021

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johnpiper | 22:56 Fri 08th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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I only have a few left but they wont fall into place. all help gratefully received.

36 For the ears, drain a drop of medicine. (5)
I have ???TA

The pairs seems to be random pairings -am i correct in this rather than there being a theme?


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36 Gutta, a drop of medicine, sounds like Gutter, drain.
Sorry, I missed your bit about the them. No, the pairs are definitely thematic, go together...
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Then i must be under an illusion
I linked 42 and 13
14 and 38
But cant fathom 1 across and 10 down
25 across is an odd word to pair with anything but 36 down and then lastly 8 down and 28 down
14, 25 and 36 aren't thematic. I think you meant 15 and 38? I don't think there is a 28 D.
42 and 13 form a pair.
1 and 39 link as do 8 and 1o.
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Ok thats v helpful then i must have some letters wrong!
10 d i have u ? S o ? G
Is this the two word answer perhaps
Or maybe its 1 across
Bit stumped
yes 10d is 2,4 and it goes after 8d
I hadn't heard of 8d 10d (3 words 4,2,4) - my only knowledge of the theme is the quite famous (I think) 42, 13.
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Finally all is clear. Crikey thats a very clever but devious set of connections!!!
Thank you all

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Spectator 2488 Saturday January 9Th 2021

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