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chokkie | 08:36 Sat 09th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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stuck like glue on a few this morning ...

5 Mamma Mia finally shown in French port (6) ?r?a??

8d aroused? By implication no! (6,2) ??r?e? o?

14d Cobblers fitting sole in alcove (7) ?a?o???

17d one wandering sailor in van with dog barking (8)

Many thanks in advance, Chox.


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14 Baloney, cobblers. Bay, alcove and Lone, sole.
5 Breast? Brest, French port, with the A from the end of 'Mia'.
8 Turned On, aroused - and On is No turned.
17 Vagabond, one wandering. Anagram, barking, of 'dog', 'van' and AB, sailor.
Question Author
thanks so much, that's brilliant! Couldn't see that at all! So that also gives me 8d ("turned on")

also stuck on:

25a character set to move a table outside pub (8) ??p???e?

22d detective leaving North American land once (6) ???a?n

Cheers, Chox.
25 Alphabet - table and A PH, a Public House, pub.
22 Canaan, land (in the Bible). Canadian, North American, drop the DI, detective.
Question Author
that's marvellous everyone, thank you so much, that's all done for today. Appreciate your help today - and hope you all have a great weekend. Careful on the icy roads folks - and stay safe!
Glad I could help, chokkie. There was only me on the thread, everyone else must still be asleep!
Question Author
of course there is only you! glad we aren't among those layabeds! Thanks a mill again .... !

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