Christmas Crosaire Dec.24Th. 2020 Irish Times

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realrocker | 09:35 Tue 29th Dec 2020 | Crosswords
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2D Give a shot in the arm to soulmatetaking directions from pole. (7)
11A Flashy loud music in Farsi medley to finish finale. ( 7 )
9. You'll hear it from The Queen. as it's delivered in the last month. ( 9,4 ) CHRISTMAS ????


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9 christmas post?
11a Raffish - anag farsi + F(orte) + (finis)H
11 raffish
2 hearten
11a.Raffish f (loud music) inside anagram of Farsi + (finis)h
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Thanks to you all. Happy New Year
have you got 9 now?
There was some debate about it the other day...
Question Author
Hi Shoota No definitive answer yet ALAS
I am nearly finished though but am unsure regarding dome of my deductions.
EG 14D Showy plant yielding large heads wrapped in newspaper. ( 3,4 )
I think it may be TAP ROOT ( definition correct ) but can't figure wrapped in newspaper.

33D Local predatory semiaquatic reptile or nautili not in circulation. ( 4 ) Seems to be CROC ( -R-C )
33 Yes, 'circulation' minus 'nautili, leaves Croc
christmas post looks okay for 9 ... BUT... someone said yesterday that the second words' pattern was ??R? which was why CARD and WORD was the only suggestions

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Christmas Crosaire Dec.24Th. 2020 Irish Times

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