Sunday Telegraph Gk Prize Word 1459 Sun 15Th November

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chokkie | 08:50 Sun 15th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Hi folks, it it just me, or have the crossword guys at the telegraph got this puzzle all wrong today. None of the clues fit the grid.... or is it just my imagination? Cheers chox...


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it looks ok online to me
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I can’t get the GK prize puzzle online, only in the physical print copy. The cryptic is fine in both. Very odd .... they have also today changed the position of the crosswords on the inside back page of the “Sunday” section....
The across ones are okay as far as I can see, but the down ones not so. Might be a printing error in the hard copies if the online one is accurate?
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Yes, that looks about the sum token of it. I will pit in the across clues, photo the grid and email it to them later.... glad it wasn’t just me ...

Cheers chox

The XW will be null & void even if OK online I would think.

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Sunday Telegraph Gk Prize Word 1459 Sun 15Th November

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