Sunday Telegraph General Knowledge (Gk) 1459 Sunday November 15Th 2020

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Mikey500 | 09:46 Sun 15th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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What a Thomas Walls the telegraph has made of the GK
Nothing in the down clues make any sense. Obviously not been checked
Anybody got the right clues for the down section Ta


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Not sure what your clues are but mine seem ok.
21 D archangel slaying dragon. Michael
Mine is on line
1. Football team in South Yorkshire (9,6)
2. Coffee from an East African shrub (7)
3. Something that is not genuine (4)
4. Capital of Italy under Byzantine Empire (7)
5. Salad named after a hotel in New York (7)
6. Dia de la --, Spanish name for Columbus Day (4)
7. City south of Amarillo in north-west Texas (7)
8. One of the most successful Serbian football teams (3,4,8)
14. German name for a river that is an anagram of its English name (5)
15. '-- Stardust and the Spiders from Mars', 1982 concert movie (5)
19. Don --, hero of a romance by Cervantes (7)
20. St --, archangel typically represented slaying a dragon (7)
21. Greek goddess, sister of Apollo (7)
22. East Midlands county with Oakham as its county town (7)
26. Low-growing East Indian palm (4)
27. -- Terfel, Welsh bass-baritone singer (4)
You are absolutely right Mikey it's atrocious. The Telegraph are getting more inept by the day as you say there is no proofing being done. It is the same day to day in virtually any column there are glitches, misspellings and sentences / paragraphs without ending. All in all - disgraceful! Thanks wholeheartedly to alempvw for posting the clues and making my morning a bit brighter!!
Many thanks aelmpvw for taking the time to type in the correct down clues for today's Sun Tel Prize GK. Many of us are indebted I'm sure.
Never been the same since they had a general swap round of the staff involved with crosswords.
I have just written a letter of complaint to the Editor but I bet it will not be printed nor will anything happen to eradicate these errors. It made me feel better though!!
Many thanks for posting the correct down clues. V frustrating start to the day as GK crossword is always the first one I do!
BA for ael!

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Sunday Telegraph General Knowledge (Gk) 1459 Sunday November 15Th 2020

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