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haras2 | 20:01 Tue 10th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Compiler SIL has sent another puzzle to try me.
Apart from solving it he welcomes constructive criticism.
The clue is:
Opening thunder heard spooned knocking shop (8)
Any ideas welcome


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“Door bellow” spoonerised
Question Author
Thank you, scrunge999
You’re welcome h2. Definitely at the tougher end of the spectrum. The surface reading doesn’t quite work for me but your SIL gets points for conciseness. A much better clue than I could ever write.
Question Author
Surface reading ? What's that ?
Also, can't think of anything more arcane than knocking shop!
I would never have worked that out in a thousand years but, but now that Scrunge has explained it, I think it's a rather good clue.

Even so, I think that I'd have opted for a simple anagram (solely because my brain can't cope with the hard stuff):
'Door bell under red light'
I don't think I have seen 'spooned' to indicate a Spoonerism but then I could be wrong.
Nice clue Buen but no anagram indicator in it.
The surface reading is what the clue appears to mean if you read it as a normal sentence. For me the best clues are the ones which make sense when read literally as well as cryptically.
Question Author
You're buzzin' tonight Buenchico!
Very concise, very neat.
You know it's a good clue when it makes you laugh.
I'll definitely dazzle the SIL with that
Unless you were going for an '& lit'.
>>> Nice clue Buen but no anagram indicator in it

Oh, all right then . . .
'Door bell replaced by red light'
Question Author
I don't think I've seen "spooned" used like that either
but SIL is always thinking of new ways to tease you!
Question Author
Clue 2 even better!
Some follow conventions, others set them I guess.

It really does depend on the audience, fun though :-)
Question Author
Very diplomatic !
I would never have got bellow for thunder.
Question Author
Thank you all for your lovely responses this evening
|_36_|_ 43 |_20_|_27_|_34_|
|_42 |_24_|_26_|_33_|_35_|

The Magic Square. All rows and columns add up to 160. Including the two diagonals. Any symetrical pattern of five squares adds up to 160, but must include the centre square, eg, all the corner squares and the centre square = 160. Simples.
Question Author
How come I never thought of that 10ClarionSt? !
I can do this on paper in a couple of minutes with any number higher than 65. 65 is the start point because going lower means decimals have to be used. I can do that but it's more fiddling about. Best keep to whole numbers. :o)

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