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haras2 | 14:02 Mon 02nd Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Yesterday I was asking for suggestion for answers to the clue FJORDS
Unfortunately the Xword compiler SIL sent the wrong number of the clue.
The answer he was looking for is WEDNESDAYS CHILD, the clue that he is not happy with is Woeful brat.
Can anyone help ?


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Is the clue meant to be cryptic or non-cryptic?
I presume he wants to set a more cryptic clue Buen.
"Woeful offspring of Sheffield club", perhaps then?
How about "Sheffield ash issue"
...woeful Sheffield ash issue
Owe confusion in Owls' kid ?
Question Author
Wonderful !
To make it more cryptic would it work to leave out "club"?
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I don't get 14.18
Could you parse?
Question Author
Thank you all
I'm sure he'll conjure something on the Sheffield theme
Owe confusion = woe

(The) Owls = Sheffield Wednesday

(Thinking further about it though, it might be better to use a lower case 'o' at the start of 'owls')
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Ta Buenchico
I'm not into footie so didn't know about the 0wls.
Are they very brainy or do they stay up late?
Going by their results so far this season, their players must all have been staying up far too late ;-)
Their name ultimately derives from an old Yorkshire word for the Alder tree - Owler tree, nothing to do with birds at all.
Their badge shows an owl and the motto beneath it translates as ' by wisdom and courage' so must be something to do with birds.
Question Author
What a lot I've learnt today
Think I'll lie down for a bit

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Xword Try Out (Update)

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