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Grafixboy | 16:01 Sun 03rd Sep 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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Why, when the final scene on a movie has ben filmed, does the director shout '...and that's a wrap' ? Obviously it means that the filming is over but what is the significance of Wrap?


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wrapped up... when you've not only bought a present but done everything else as well so it's ready to go?
I was going to put that myself jno, but didn't want to appear dim if it was wrong....wish I had have done, I'd have looked clever for once!!!
Sorry ladies but films are shot on celluloid reels and when filming was over the director gave the instruction: "Wind, Reel And Print."
Its an acronym.
Oh poo.........thanks for that gary (I think!)
so 'tis, I live and learn
Are you sure that's not one of those myths? Like 'orl korrekt' for OK - or "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"? Or even POSH. Sounds like those words were applied after the event to me...
It almost certainly isn't an acronym, but it may be a backronym, where the letters of an existing word are made into an acronym. Things like golf being an acronym for 'gentlemen only, ladies forbidden' when it is in fact derived frrom the Dutch for 'club'. 'It's a wrap' just means that filming is wrapped up.
Tim - I love backronym!! Will remember that one...
Here you go...


I do have it mentioned in one of my many film books...
Forgot to add they also used to have a Wrap Party, at end of filming...
gary baldy is correct, and ttt's link confirms the original meaning.
I don't think anyone's disputing what wrap MEANS (and they still have wrap parties - as an actor I've been to several!) - but there is no way that it just happened to be a convenient acronym for those words. Don't believe everything you read on the net - Tim's right, Gary's been sadly duped imho.
W.R.A.P means Wind Reel and Print, meaning that the filming is finished. This is from when they used celuloid film reels. The significance just means that the film is complete, nothing too complicated.

Hope this helps.

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