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Andy Gray "tickaboo son "

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lovejoy0120 | 23:59 Sun 03rd Sep 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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What does this have to do with him.The phrase soccer am always uses when a player scores a fantastic goal.


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I always knew the saying "tickaty-boo" meaning everything's good, fine and dandy. Maybe it's his slant on it, I guess?

I've probably spelt tickaty wrong

tickotee, ticotee, tickity don't know sorry LOL !!!!
i think it is tickety boo
It's "take a bow son" in a Scotts accent, Andy Gray says it regularly.
Just as a matter of interest, 'tickety-boo' is possibly from the Hindi phrase 'thik hai' meaning 'all right'. It was probably brought back to Britain by soldiers in the Indian Army in the days of the Raj.
Sorry, I've no idea what Andy Gray says!
it's definately "take a bow son" in a Scottish accent

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Andy Gray "tickaboo son "

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