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Terms Of Endearment

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Jay_Jay | 15:18 Fri 04th Aug 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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There's this girl. She comes from the Midlands (Birmingham)and I'm in love with her. We keep contact over the internet and I want to greet her in her local idiom. Can you play a vocal coach Cupid and give me (a Southerner) a clue how? Phonetic spellings accepted ! Thanks!


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Ooroyt Bab? Ow binst yer?

Jawanna gew fora drink sum toime? Or a trip on the sharrabang?

See ya soon, cocker.
Or try these terms of endearment

Oroit Bab Owamya Bin?
It�s Black uvva Bill's Muvva's rann ere!
Anyow, gotta say Trarabit me duck.
Yow Bostin yow am!


Hello my darling, all is well with you I trust?
The weather is a little inclement here.
I must away for now my love, but we shall speak again soon.
You are the light of my life my sweet!
Question Author
Awwww, you guys ! Erm..., yer mak' me reet proud !

( Hey, you have the It's Dark Over Bill's Mothers' phrase up there, eh, Nem? Now, THAT'S interesting ! )

Thanks. JJ
Living south of Birmingham I seldom here anything remotely like the three previous answers. If I were you I would speak in my own usual way, she might decide you are taking the mickey and dump you otherwise
Eye up cocker ! Does thou drop 'em ?
A lot of this is sounding very Lancashire. Come on guys, get it right. Cocker is from up north.
Question Author
I can narrow it down. Dare I say? OK, it's West Brom. And she's still lovely.

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Terms Of Endearment

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