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what would you do if you was told to **c* off?

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Johnny blaze | 15:52 Fri 28th Apr 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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So you go to your best friends work place in a happy mood, 100% focused on what your friend had needed you for. But as soon as you step into the building (which you would have had every right to.. like everybody else) a member of staff takes a complete dislike to you for no reason whatsover (noboby was rude or offensive to him). Thus, said dislike culminates with this hostile guy telling you to **C* off, and dont come back, along with him giving you a 'im gonna behead you, hand sign across his neck'.

So what would you HONESTLY do or say at this point ? man to man (please think about it first).

Please choose from the following:
A) Simply tell him to **c* himself too, then leave or continue your business as usual
B) Try to reason with the retard
C) Take the unprovoked insults and threats with a smile and not say ANYTHING back to this guy.

Please could you just state A,B,C.. and any further comments if you wish. Many thanks for your response.

Please note, I cannot answer why, where, how etc questions as this ALWAYS leads to the following answers going down a route not intended by the original question.


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If as you say in your question �for no reason whatsoever� then the person is clearly being irrational and unreasonable. Therefore there would be little to gain from trying to reason with them, or from antagonising them further. As they have allegedly behaved without provocation then it is likely that the situation could only escalate with provocation.

Each situation would demand its own reaction depending upon full knowledge of all the circumstances pertaining to the situation which has arisen. Without all the immediate information I could not conclusively say how I would react, certainly with the word content of your options. Is 'retard' really necessary?


First let me put my answer in perspective so that you can evaluate its worth to you: I am a lady who grew up in a family full of boys (3 brothers, no sisters) and also my mom was a lady who grew up in a family full of boys (8 brothers). Both of us just love guys and we spent a life time watching and wondering about the "guy thing" and talking to each other about it.

You came in to another male's territory very "up" and bright and confident. You had every right to be in the mood and state of manliness that you were; the territory was REALLY supposed to be a neutral ground sort-of-thing since it was a business establishment.

But Mr. Member of Staff didn't like you getting too close to him because you looked like Mr. Very Manly-Man -- Mr. "I Feel Confident Today" Man. You threatened him. It did not matter whether you meant to or not. You threatened him. Why, neither you or I can guess. He is a man. Sometimes men hate the presence of other men -- especially when the approaching man is everything manly and appealing that Mr. Member of Staff did not at that time feel he was.

This, I think, explains why what happened happened. Now, what should you do?


What should you do? cont'd

That's up to you. "A Response" is a reflection back into Mr. Member of Staff's face, anger for anger. You do not win in the confrontation because Staff Man can point at your slip in dicipline and say that both of you were angry.

"B Response" shows you are trying to communicate as equals. It says good things about you because you are being civilized but it also gives Mr. Staff a morally elevated position that he might not deserve in this instance. You only use this response if you must have an ongoing relationship with Mr. Staff. Because you are trying to give him a face saving "out" in the confrontation. If Mr. Staff is a reasonable man, this response will work. If he is not, it will not work. You will know within 90 seconds of the attempt to be reasonable with him.

"C Response" tells Mr. Staff that he cannot hurt you with his limpid, gormless anger. You are Mr. Manly Man, untouchable by a lesser man's flacidity.

Good luck. I am thinking about you with good thoughts and strong hopes for a resolution.

Take care. PJG

Either A or C- If someone can have such hatred for a person they don't even know then they may have a mental dissorder, and if this is the case.... C.

If the guy is just a jerk mouthing off to you then definetley.....A

oh but don't leave after A. Continue on to your best friend.

I believe you have a 4th option.
Firstly, you must clear the following with your friend.
His working environment might be adversly affected by the following and as a good friend this should be your first concern.
If he/she is agreeable then you should do the following (in my opinion)
Immediately request to see his superior and demand that something be done about his behaviour.
If there were witnesses to the altercation (staff) then you should ask that they be summoned and interviewed as soon as possible.
I'm quite sure that any organisation would take a very dim view of their staff treating a member of public the way you say you were treated.

Then if all goes well, said member will be reprimanded and even possibly sacked!
At which point, you can be waiting outside to watch him leave and echo the sign language he taught you earlier!

Of course, at this point he may become agressive but hey, you ain't in your friends workplace any more so you can beat him to a pulp at your convenience!

That's what I'd do anyway :)

Incidentally, Pajama girl, I thought your answer was very well stated and represented the mature and thoughtful approach.
I was quite impressed by that and just felt compelled to say so!

Unfortunately I am not so mature and (being a "Mr Manly Man") kinda went down the "how do we get the ba****d?" route!

as your conduct reflects on your friend i f it were me i would hope to restrict myself to option (c) - though i think i'd find it hard to keep myself quiet, the way you describe it i think i'd maybe have laughed... this is a grown man acting like a child, also if you were there in a work related function you should mention it to his boss, the guy sounds like a liability.
all the best
If you don't really care you will do C. But A is ok too :)

In the heat of the moment I think my reply to him would be along the lines of "Who the **c* are you?"

I would then continue on to meet my friend, so similar to A).

Off the cuff - Deck the guy, then apologise profusely by saying " terribly sorry, for a moment there I thought you told me to FxxK off"
then follow plan C..

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what would you do if you was told to **c* off?

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