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hjshjs | 22:28 Wed 30th Aug 2017 | Phrases & Sayings
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Hi folks

I'm best man at a wedding coming up and want to do something a bit different during the speech. I've found out there going to be having a baby which will be about 4 weeks old at the wedding. So I've decided to do a poem, dedicated to them and their baby.

However, I'm struggling with finishing it and so hoping someone on here may have ideas. I'm open to suggestions to change parts if people may think other words may be better suited. The end verse I'm really struggling with as I would like to part some wisdom of parenthood but don't know what to put and how to fit it in.

Thank you


To the loved up newly weds, who will now share,
Another love for tiny feet and hands, for who you will care
A perfect little dude/girl to love beyond measure,
To add to your life more joys and more pleasure,
Now husband and wife, a new journey awaits,
As a mummy and daddy you'll have what it takes.

Walk alongside him/her, and hold his/her little hand,
There are many things he/she needs to learn which he/she is yet to understand,
Teach love and compassion, and his/her future will shine bright,
This will go far in raising him/her right.
This new little tinker, all fresh and so cute,
Dan, and Rach, you're unbelievably blessed, he/she is a beaut.

There will be good times and bad times, as parents, you know,
But when times get tough, stick together and you'll be good to go.
Your lives won't be the same now this little bundle's here,
So Danny, that doesn't mean you go straight to the beer,
The challenge is great, one I am certain you'll both master,
I'll guarantee your love for this baby will grow faster and faster

Anyway, Sorry about the soppy poem folks, I just felt it was needed,
This amazing tiny person is here, cos of Dan's love for Rach, who he sucessfully seeded.
Whether changing pooey nappies, or having baby sick on your face,
Don't be disheartened, having kiddiwinks are ace.
So much fun to be had, bringing up a wee child,
However, your once boozy nights out will now be mild

As I parent myself, I'm going through it all now,
Two amazing little tinkers who I look at and think WOW.
Honestly folks, your lives will now change
For the better, of course, but may feel a bit strange.
Forgive me if this sounds condescending, I would like to pass on some baby wisdom,


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but some baby wisdom I'd like impart to you,
As you both spend your life together, sharing all things new.
"who he successfully seeded" - er, are you sure?
^^ I agree that's a probably a bit much.

And it's "having kiddiwinks is ace"
Maybe you could choose a not-well-known poem already written? Lots to choose from here:
Forgive me if this sounds cheeky, I'd like to pass on some advice,

Don't blink or miss a moments fun, time flies by in a trice.

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