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Sgt RMP | 22:48 Tue 11th Mar 2008 | Jokes
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Peter Kay often uses the punch line "ping pong balls not King Kong's balls" in his TV shows. Does anyone know the opening lines to this joke?


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It involves an African king asking several would be suitors for his daughters hand in marriage. He askes them to bring back the biggest set of ping pong balls in the world, eventually a bedraggled prince arrives at the palace covered in mud, blood and sweat carrying two great big fcuk off hairy testicles in a sack, the king says, "I asked for ping pong balls not King Kong's balls"

Hope this helps

The joke is that we don't know the opening lines

Ex Scarperer (Queens own deserters)
the joke goes that a guy comes back with this massive squelching bag and someone says to him i said ping pong balls not king kongs balls

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