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con-amca | 21:07 Sun 11th Feb 2007 | Jokes
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Years ago I attended a monthly supper club at which there was always a guest speaker. Various subjects were covered over the years, some interesting, others perhaps not. But one evening the subject was ghosts. The talk was quite interesting, though I didn't believe a word of it. Anyway, at the end the speaker said he'd like to ask us a question - he always asked his audiences this he said. "Do any of you believe in ghosts?" Well, there were about 20 - 25 of us I suppose, and to my surprise there were several hands raised. The speaker nodded knowingly. "Eight of you. About average. Now, let me ask another question. Have any of you ever seen a ghost?" Would you believe it, there were three hands raised. Once again he nodded, seeming satisfied. "I don't usually get more than two or three" he said. "One last question. This might seem odd, but I always ask it, and one day I might get a positive answer. Have any of you had sexual intercourse with a ghost?" Well, we just gaped at him. He was smiling, but suddenly his smile vanished, and he looked startled. He was looking towards the back of the room. We all looked round. Just inside the door was what I can only describe as an old tramp. Dirty overcoat, unkempt appearance, unshaven. And he had his hand raised! Our speaker was dumbstruck at first, but then he recovered and asked the tramp to come forward. "Would you tell us about it?" he said, "You really have had sexual intercourse with a ghost?" "Oh a ghost, sorr" said the tramp. "A ghost is it? I thought you said a goat ".


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A classic Jethro Joke!

Like it!
Classic Jethro? Cr4p more like.
It doesnt scan at all.

Not least because what would a tramp be doing stood by the door at a supper *club*.

Dont give up the day job baldhair.
got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning have we Avatar? Get yourslf a sense of humour and loosen up a bit. Its a gag for gods sakes, not a bl00dy biography
Its nearly long enough to be a biography!

Perhaps I was a bit harsh but it was a bit lame i thought.
Question Author
Sorry Avatar. It's the way I tell 'em. I'll try to think of some short ones.

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