There was an Englishman Scotman and Irishman...

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sair5412 | 01:24 Fri 05th Jan 2007 | Jokes
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who were working on the roof of a highrise building. Everyday for 3 months the English man had Egg sandwiches, the Scotman ham sandwiches and the Irishman had jam sandwiches. One day the Englishman said, "I am sick of this... if I get egg sandwiches in my lunch box one more time, I swear to god, i will jump off this building." The next day, he opened his lunchbox and low and behold... he had egg sandwiches. "Argghhh!! That's it!!" he cried. And promptly jumped to his death. His wife was interviewed by police and the media and sobbing she said "If only I had known... I would have made dear Roger something else for his luncheon." A few days later, the Scotsman and Irishman got back to work and at lunchtime the Scotsman said " EEE Jimmy, if i get ham sandwiches in me lunchpack one more time i'll be bl**dy jumpin' off this building!" The next day... low and behold... Ham sandwiches. He too jumped to his death. His wife was interviewed and she said through stifled sobs... "Och ay de noo! If the daft begger 'ad only said, i'd a med 'im summit else!" A few days later, the Irishman went back to work alone. Lunchtime came and he opened his lunch box and saw the Jam sandwiches... "Arghhh!!!! Jeysus! Not again!!" he cried, as he plunged off the highrise. His wife was interviewed and police asked, "Madam, after hearing of the other gentlemen's deaths, didn't you learn a lesson?" She promptly replied... "Nothin' to do wi' me. He made his own ******' sandwiches!"

(p.s- no offence to the Irish! My great Irish friend told me this one!!)


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There was an Englishman Scotman and Irishman...

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