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How Do You Stop A Cow?

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ToraToraTora | 13:26 Sun 16th Jun 2024 | Jokes
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i think this was discussed/punned yesterday

The cow was not over the moon.

There had to be an udder way to deal with it.

There was  a lot at steak

The cow could have used its horn


Ramming it not a neat solution

neat - an animal of the genus Bos; a bovine, as a cow or ox.

The driver's been remoooooved from frontline duties.

I can't think of a pun because I don't find it funny.  Poor animal - shows how thick the police are.

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I don't think it's at all funny. The cow was frightened and injured. They'd been trying to catch it 'over a period of hours' they said - did no-one have the nous to get hold of a vet or someone with a tranquilliser gun?  Even better - a cattle-farmer, who would have a trained dog and the equipment and know-how necessary to capture it.

What sort of people are in the police these days?

Having said that, I had a copper for a neighbour for 10 years and he was a very decent, sensible chap.


I guess the cow thread I contributed to got lost then 🤔


Me too, O_G.

To be fair to the police, the calf was riding an electric bike and was wearing a baseball cap on

Gromit - it's a 10 mth. old heifer according to reports.

I usually like these threads because there are some very witty ABers left (just) but really, how can anyone think this was a topic worth making fun of? I'm frankly aghast.

Well, that's 4 of us Prudie.

^ Me too.  If anyone bothered to look at the video and can still laugh at it then I`m aghast too.  It's heartbreaking.

Seems to be mainly females who don't find it funny.  It's heartbreaking. Poor poor animal.  And only a young one as well.  How anyone can think it's OK (even funny) to ram it with a car 3 times is unbelievable.

Crass stupidity on every level.

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How Do You Stop A Cow?

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