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Christmas Joke

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Significantother | 23:45 Thu 20th Dec 2012 | Jokes
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A Man walks into a kebab shop and sees behind the counter a jolly fellow with a big white beard and red trousers.

The man asks “Excuse me for asking but you look like Father Christmas, are you him?”

Father Christmas replies “Yes I am”

“What are you doing in a Kebab shop?”

“Oh the last few years have been terrible. First it was the Credit Crunch, then the Recession, then the double dip Recession. We kept on over spending on Christmas Presents and we owed thousands, the next thing we knew the Tax Man gave us a huge great big tax bill. Anyway to cut a long story short we lost the lot. Lapland has gone, the Elves have nowhere to live and I’m having to work in this Kebab Shop to make ends meet”

“Oh my goodness that’s terrible”

”Anyway it still upsets me now thinking of all the children that are not getting any presents, can you please change the subject, what is it you came in for?” Santa Replied

“Oh I’m sorry, can I have a Donner Kebab please”

“I’m sorry I’m all out of Donner, I’ve only got Blitzen and Comet left”


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Haha! I like it.
“Oh I’m sorry, can I have a Donner Kebab please. And can you hurry, before it starts to rain, dear?”
Do you mind? This is just not on - from a devout believer in Father Christmas and all his reindeers and of course Mrs. Christmas and the elves.
So Rude - Olf with you.
Permission to steal and pass it on Signi?
I have a friend in the States who would love it.
I'm just catching up...

Brilliant, & I really did LOL.


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